Blumhouse Inks Deal With iHeartMedia To Produce Horror Podcasts

If you love old-school horror programs from the Golden Age of Radio, we have some great news: auditory scary stories are officially back from the dead. Horror auteur Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions has inked a deal with podcasting giant iHeartMedia to produce new horror podcasts, with the eventual goal of turning them into TV series and films.

Under the deal, Blumhouse and iHeartMedia will collaborate to develop and produce scripted podcasts that will include murder mysteries, suspenseful thrillers, and science fiction. Both companies will also co-produce any future TV and movie projects.

The first project, from writer-director Dan Bush , ( The Signal , The Vault , The Dark Red ), is a supernatural horror/social drama series titled “The Mantawauk Caves.” It follows three boys who venture into a cave in the Appalachian Mountains, but only one of them comes out alive.

“We’re such avid fans of great podcasts at Blumhouse — the compelling storytelling that engrossing podcasts offer — and we were eager to partner with iHeartRadio to curate a slate of dark, fictional stories together,” said Blum.

“The Mantawauk Caves” was set to launch in January 2020 (no doubt pushed by Covid-19), and will be distributed on iHeartMedia’s online podcasting platforms, as well as iHeartRadio’s broadcast radio stations and social media pages.

“We think fiction is one of the next big genres in podcasting,” said president of iHeartPodcast Network Conal Byrne. “Blumhouse is truly masterful at creating some of the best suspense thrillers and horror movies around and, with their help, we can’t wait to introduce a series of captivating, world-class audio content to the iHeartPodcast Network.”

Blumhouse is responsible for a string of recent hits that have revitalized the horror genre, including the 2019 M. Night Shyamalan superhero thriller Glass ; Jordan Peele’s 2017 blockbuster Get Out ; successful franchises like The Purge and Paranormal Activity ; and films like Insidious and Sinister . Beyond horror, Blumhouse is also responsible for Academy Award-nominated dramas like Whiplash and BlacKkKlansman . Altogether, Blumhouse films have grossed over $1.6 at the box office.

Blumhouse’s television division has been no less successful, winning Emmys with its HBO productions of the miniseries The Normal Heart, the crime documentary The Jinx , and the drama series Sharp Objects . It also produces USA’s #1 drama The Purge , a TV adaptation of the film franchise.

The San Antonio-based iHeartMedia is currently one of America’s most popular podcast publishers in America, coming in second behind NPR. iHeartMedia’s total listenership is 250 million per month.

The announcement follows a recent trend that has seen the podcasting medium used as a breeding ground for new horror properties that have later been adapted into TV series and movies. Recent horror podcasts that became TV series include Lore , The Black Tapes , Tanis , Limetown , and Welcome to Nightvale .

Hopefully we’ll be adding several more titles to that list soon.

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