Ironheart Series Rumored To Be In Development At Disney+
Ironheart Series Rumored To Be In Development At Disney+
If you still haven’t gotten over Tony Stark’s death at the end of Avengers: Endgame, this might be some consolation: soon there might be another metal-suited vigilante rising up to protect humanity: Ironheart, who’s rumored to be getting her own TV series on Disney+. 
Marvel is hoping to begin filming sometime next year, although nothing is certain due to COVID-19. It’s still very early in development, so Marvel hasn’t attached a showrunner, although the studio is reportedly soliciting story pitches. 
Since her 2016 debut in Invincible Iron Man #7, Ironheart has quickly become one of Marvel Comics’s most popular characters. Her alter-ego, Riri Williams, is a 15-year-old engineering student at M.I.T. who co-creator Brian Michael Bendis described as smarter than Tony Stark himself. Williams uses scavenged parts from the Iron Man armor to build her own crime-fighting suit and takes the codename Ironheart. This gets Tony Stark’s attention, but the billionaire Stark is so impressed with the self-starter Williams that he makes her his protegee. Since then, Ironheart has become a member of the Champions, Marvel’s teenage superhero group, but she’s assisted the Avengers, too. 
An Ironheart series would fit well within Marvel’s Phase 4 plan for movies and TV shows, which began this year and will continue until 2022. Overall, Phase 4 will be moving away from massive team-up movies like the Avengers series. While there will still be sequels starring Marvel’s biggest heroes, like Thor and Doctor Strange, Phase 4 will instead focus more on solo stories about less familiar characters. It would also fit with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s promise to make the MCU more diverse and inclusive. 
Iron Man fans already have a lot to be excited about, but here’s one more tidbit that could make Ironheart even more epic: Robert Downey Jr. is rumored to be joining the series in a voiceover role as Ironheart’s suit AI. So perhaps we haven’t seen the last of Tony Stark just yet. 

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