Marvel Studios Is Developing A Ghost Rider Project
Marvel Studios Is Developing A Ghost Rider Project
If you were bummed out by the news that Hulu canceled its planned Ghost Rider TV series, this should cheer you up: from the Direct’s Daniel Richtman is reporting that Marvel Studios is working on a new project for everyone’s favorite demonic biker. 
The project is very early in development and details are scarce, and it’s unknown whether it will be a movie or a TV series. We do know this version of Ghost Rider won’t be the Robbie Reyes version, the newest iteration of the character that was played by Gabriel Luna on Agents of Shield and was slated to get his own Hulu series.  
Instead, this project will most likely center around Johnny Blaze, the first version of the character who made his Marvel Comics debut back in 1971. In the comics, Blaze is a motorcycle stuntman who makes a deal with Mephisto to bind his soul to the demon Zarathos in exchange for his adoptive father’s life. Nicholas Cage portrayed this version of the character in 2007’s Ghost Rider and 2011’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, which were made by Sony and Columbia Pictures.
Speaking of Nicholas Cage, the upcoming project might be a chance for Marvel to finally do right by Ghost Rider. In the 90’s, Marvel was struggling financially and forced to sell the film rights to many of its characters, which resulted in those two poorly received Ghost Rider movies. The Ghost Rider film rights reverted back to Marvel in 2013, so fans have been eager to see what the Spirit of Vengeance has been up to. 
Ghost Rider is one of Marvel’s most popular characters, so let’s hope that Marvel Studios can do what Sony and Columbia couldn’t. 

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