Spider-Man’s Going To Have A New Crime-Fighting Partner: Shuri
Spider-Man’s Going To Have A New Crime-Fighting Partner: Shuri 
It looks like Spider-Man star Tom Holland is going to get his wish. According to We Got This Covered, a future movie will see Spidey working with a new crime-fighting partner: none other than the Princess of Wakanda herself, Shuri.  
The only downside is that it’s not going to happen for a while yet. The team-up reportedly won’t be happening in the upcoming Spider-Man 3, which has already been delayed until November 2021 due to COVID-19. 
Plot details about movie haven’t been revealed yet. Details about Spider-Man 3 are also scant, but it’s been reported that one of the villains will be Kraven the Hunter, the maniacal Soviet big game-hunter who’s long been one of Spider-Man’s most formidable enemies. We Got This speculated that in the fourth film, Kraven could be returning to wreak havoc on Wakanda, which forces Shuri to call on the web-slinger for help. 
The Shuri character has been a fan favorite even before Letitia Wright’s memorably portrayed her in 2018’s Black Panther. She made her Marvel Comics debut in 2005, and she’s coveted the title of “Black Panther” since childhood only to see it go to her older brother, T’Challa. After T’Challa donned the mantle, Shuri became a martial arts expert and a brilliant scientist with a vast knowledge of vibranium, and in January 2020, she officially replaced T’Challa as the Panther. It’s believed she’ll be doing the same in a future Black Panther movie, too. 
Elevating Shuri to a starring role would appear to be part of Marvel’s Phase 4, a plan to move away from team-based films like the Avengers series and towards stories featuring less-familiar characters. It also would follow Marvel president Kevin Feige’s pledge to add more diversity to the franchise. 
Since both characters are teenage superheroes with genius-level science abilities, fans have been hoping for a Spider-Man/Shuri joint venture for years. Letitia Wright and Tom Holland broke the Internet when they appeared onstage together to promote Infinity War in 2018. When their film finally premieres, the Internet might not survive. 

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