The Black Widow ushers in Marvel's new cinematic universe.

It might have been a long, long wait, but seems it will be all worthwhile for fans of Black Widow, and literally in more ways than one, because reports indicate her upcoming film will not be a standalone movie, but the starting point for an entire new franchise for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The news comes from The New Yorker writer Kyle Buchanan, w ho made it public after hearing actress Scarlet Johansson speaking at the event of Elle Women in Hollywood dinner.

"ScarJo notes that the upcoming BLACK WIDOW is the first Marvel movie produced by one of its actors," he wrote. "She also referred to it as a 'standalone franchise' which is interesting if you expected it to be a one-off based on... you know."

While there are a lot of details to define, what is known so far is that the movie itself will be a prequel to Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War , telling a story of the period of time between those films, and it is has been confirmed (from the recent trailer) that the title character will meet old colleagues from the KGB, and Taskmaster will be one of the villains.

It is no surprise that Black Widow will be the second Marvel movie to headlined by a woman, after the phenomenal success of Captain Marvel .

Plot details aside, the idea of a potential Black Widow franchise is a no-brainer as part of Marvel’s post- Infinity War strategy… With a box office of over one billion dollars around the world, Captain Marvel could have been the proof the MCU needed to take more chances with female leads, showing that they’re not only profitable, but there’s actually a hunger for them (as even examples of competitors like Wonder Woman have shown as well).

As one of the original Avengers, the Black Widow character would be the very last of them to receive her own film, and the movement to potential kickstart a franchise for her own may be an indication of what we might expect for future installments and movies in general in this cinematic universe in terms of diversity and gender equality.

In terms of tone, would it be too crazy to speculate about this new series becoming some sort of distaff counterpart to James Bond? After all, there are some contradictory statements of the involved parts, with Scarlet Johansson declaring “it will give closure” to the fans, what seems to be paradoxical to the idea of new movies, and while there is news of a new Black Widow , this might be just the beginning.

Because just like with the case of 007: who says Black Widow has to be played by the same actress? That’s just a possibility, but in a cinematic world where time travel and alternative realities are possible, the idea of this kind of “legacy character” where we could have multiple women incarnating the famous Russian spy may not be as ludicrous as it might have sounded in the past.

Directed by Cate Shortland and produced by Johansson herself, the release date to theaters has been postponed due to Covid-19. While we wait patiently (not so much so) only one question remains: will this continue the streak of success for Marvel? Of course, it will.

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