The Spider-Men: Garfield, Holland & Maguire
It would seem that Marvel doesn’t like to waste time because since the company reached a new agreement with Sony to share custody of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, there have been rumors about the new possibilities for the character.
That shouldn’t come as a surprise of course, but what may be shocking is that it would involve not only Tom Holland, but Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as well, at least according to a rumor coming from the publication Cosmic Book News.
After a decade Marvel accomplished the long and hard task of getting us used to comic book style aesthetics, themes, plots, and other elements that in past years would have been discarded by most mainstream studios as “out there” to work on the big screen. Nevertheless, little by little, and after taking the necessary time to build trust and expectations, there are signals that they are about to take the MCU to a whole new level with the introduction of stories involving alternate timelines and universes.
And in that case, the possibilities are practically infinite.
Released back in 2001, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man changed the way the game was played: instead of trying to run away from the colorful characters, the fantastic scenarios, and the larger-than-life personalities (there’s an argument that the first X-Men movie and Blade had more in common with 90’s thriller and action movies) he embraced them. A big part of that was the casting of Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.
The films were a huge success with critics and audiences… at least the first two were. After the third one, Sony decided to reboot the franchise only five years later with a new version with Marc Webb on the director’s chair and starring Andrew Garfield as the title character.
The reception of this new saga was mixed, to say the least, and plans to build onto that franchise (including a now infamous Sinister-Six project and even an Aunt May origin story) were scrapped.
After long negotiations, Spider Man was finally able to appear in the MCU, played by Tom Holland, he made his debut in Captain America: Civil War. Neither Marvel (or Tom) ever looked back.
And while news persisted for a while of the unorthodox copyright status for the character in the Sony/Disney agreement, escalating to a point of a potential withdrawing from the Marvel Universe, now the horizon looks full of possibilities.
There have already been rumors about Tom Holland’s version crossing over with Venom, a surprise hit for Sony. But even that looks like kids playing marbles compared to what may lie in the future for the franchise, and it could be the reason (and the perfect excuse) to bring the three actors together.
Part of the charm of the MCU is that they are able to blend (with minimal effort) elements that may clash in less skilled hands: from an old-fashioned, boy scout like Captain America to the Norse god of Thunder in Thor, and almost everything in between, including a certain sorcerer… Marvel continues to hit homerun after homerun.
A wizard did it” may not be a satisfactory answer, but Marvel has done an excellent job training audiences worldwide to suspend their disbelief in exchange for a good, action-filled ride, and with rumors of Doctor Strange (or at least a “Major Avenger”) showing up on a future Spider Man installment (as well as the fact that Doctor Strange’s sequel is literally called In The Multiverse Madness) we have to ask: could he be the key to introduce this not-to-far-fetched scenario?
It might be too early to speculate, and the idea of bringing the three actors together sounds a little too “wacky” to be true, let’s not forget for a long while the idea of seeing even one version of Spiderman in the MCU was seen just as ludicrous. Now, not only is that a reality and part of the new normal, Disney must surely have plans to reboot other popular franchises like X-Men and Fantastic 4 (can you imagine Silver Surfer in the hands of Marvel’s Feige?). Based on the track record maybe it’s not so far fetched after all. 

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